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(been rather Busy, please accept this flower.)

(leftovers from yesterday, sorry ;;) the chocolates are homemade
Takao sings love songs all day and Midorima can’t quite tell him to shut up

also, I started a new FE:A playthrough and The Ship has taken over me again…


*sweeps dust away*
boring stuff first: I decided to open a twitter for art posts and to dump the random sketches/general messing around here if… anyone was interested:

a friend who meant well kindly linked me to this and this and I, of course, got carried away
aaaand I’m late. :( even so, happy birthday makoto!
Happy Halloween! ❤
"okay but why did you draw this" don’t worry about it
*reupped because I made a mistake, may Midorima forgive me
drew this yesterday to wave off a not-so-great mood. ;;